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Tips for How to Choose the Right Breaker

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Tips for How to Choose the Right Breaker

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Some customers maybe feel confused at how to choose the hydraulic hammer for their Excavator or Skid loader.

While,the suitable hydraulic hammer is the key point in your construntion work or related works. As we all know,the right breaker can increase your productivity, minimize your maintenance costs and maxmimize your utilization.Choosing the suitable one could save lots of money in the long run and boost your efficiency.

AXB sumarize some practical tips to you for selecting the right hammer.


Different model of excavators are equiped with corresponding size of hydraulic hammer.The suitable hammer can increase your productivity perfectly.

The size of the breaker can be measured by carrier weight, impact energy level, chiseldiameter, etc.

In a word, smaller tools & chisels normally represent lower power and higher frequency, and mount with smaller carriers.

We noramlly consider the carrier weight of excavator to make sure the breaker size.

For example, the KOMATSU PC200 excavator, the carrier weight is around 20ton, the SB81(BRK140) is the best one, for the SB81 is suitable for 18 to 28 tons class excavator.


2. Type 

There are three types of hydraulic rock breaker, and each has its own features and merits. 

Such as: box type, also called silent type; top type and side type.

Choose a box type hydraulic hammer,you could keeping noise level down and control the direction easily.

What's more, The full-closed box design protect the main body from damage.

Hydraulic breakers do not have an easy life, and better protection will extend service life, which in turn protects your investment.

three types of breaker.png


The hydraulic hammer is versatile enough to work in various applications, so it is critical to match your machines with the intended project.

In mining or quarrying,it requires a larger hammer with a strong impact power and slower rate in order to break up rocks or limestone into small pieces.

When it comes to road demolition or tunneling, penetrating power and impact rate are the key point to improve working could chose mideum hydraulic breaker, such as 10-15tons class one.

For hole digging or landscaping, mini excavator or a skid steer mounted with one ton or two tons class breaker works perfectly.


4.Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is a long-term expense to take into account, when choosing a hydraulic breaker.As we all know, the working circumstance of breaker is so rough and poor, some parts should be replaced or repaired during working. 

There is no doubt that the maintenance of breaker costs a large of money, it deserves every dollar you invest on it.

Regular and proper maintenance to your hydraulic breaker guarantees working efficiency and a long service life.

Please contact with your buyer or service center for the retail price of pins, bushes, chisels ,seals kits, and other easy broken parts,then estimate a budget.

 spare parts.png

Finally, Considering purchasing a hydraulic hammer is making an important investment, We AXB hope that these tips could give you some help.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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