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Analyze the cause of abnormal vibration of the breaker

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Analyze the cause of abnormal vibration of the breaker

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Analyze the cause of abnormal vibration of the breaker:

Hydraulic breaker is an important working tool for excavators. It is mainly used in mining, demolition, Highway&railways construction, metallurgy and so on. The breaker hammer sometimes has abnormal vibration during the operation. What causes this? 

AXB Technology Co., Ltd makes the following analysis for you, please check it :

 1.Too much long chisel

If the tail of the hydraulic hammer chisel is too long, the theoretical breaking distance is shortened, and the piston inertia is downward. After the chisel is subjected to the impact, the chisel will go up abnormally, resulting in so-called chisel bounce, and the energy from the piston working does not release. However, it has become a counter-effect. The breaker feels abnormally sensational. At the same time, the energy from counter-disintegration breaker itself will cause damage to the breaker.

breaker chisel.png

2.Unsuitable reversing valve

Mismatched reversing valves can cause shock bounce and vibration. When the breaker was working, the chisel rebounded, but there is no abnormalities after all the parts were checked, When we replaced the reversing valve assembly, we found that the problem was solved. While, the replaced reversing valve assembly ,used as the repairing part, was installed on another hammer, it can work normally. The reason is when the control valve does not match the oil passage of the cylinder, the valve of the reversing valve cover will be cracked frequently, and the chisel will also rebound. And when everything is reasonably matched, the problem will be eliminated.


3. Broken diaphragm or lack of accumulator pressure

If the diaphragm is broken or the accumulator pressure is lacking, the breaker will be shaken violently. The broken diaphragm will cause the accumulator to be relieved of pressure., then the effect of accumulating energy will be lost, which will directly affect the main engine such as the excavator, resulting in severe vibration , even causing serious problems with the breaker.

4. Excessive wear of the front and back bushings

Weared bushing causes the chisel to be issued, and the breaker is not working normally during operation.

The above is the reason for the abnormal vibration of the breaker, If you want to know more details, please contact us.

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