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Maintenance of vibro pile driver

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Maintenance of vibro pile driver

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Maintenance of vibro pile driver

1. The running-in period of the newly installed pile driver is one week. After the first change of gear oil is half a day to one day, the gear oil is changed every three working days. The gear oil is changed three times during the running-in period. After the running-in period, the maintenance is performed regularly, change the gear oil once in about 100 working hours. This cycle can be increased or decreased appropriately according to the different working intensity levels, and the suction iron should be cleaned up at the same time as each oil change.

2.The suction iron is mainly used for filtering in the gear box, pile driver will produce iron powder during the operation, and the magnetic absorption of the suction iron will keep the oil clean and reduce the wear during the operation. Therefore, the suction iron must be cleaned regularly, about once every 100 working hours. The actual cycle depends on the intensity of the work.

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The use of machinery relies on standardized operations and regular maintenance to reduce failure rates , extend service life, reduce maintenance costs and the time of construction delays. We must know how to generate maximum benefits with minimal effort and loss. The so-called “ do more with less”, daily maintenance and upkeep is essential.



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