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Four misunderstandings about lubricant of vibro pile hammer

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Four misunderstandings about lubricant of vibro pile hammer

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As a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in highway engineering, the application of vibro pile hammer in engineering construction has also been increasing day by day. At the same time, people's awareness of a maintenance of the machine has gradually increased, and the key to the maintenance of the pile hammer is the lubrication oil. Today AXB  Technology Co.,Ltd has summarized four common misunderstandings about lubricant of vibro pile hammer.


Myth 1, more oil is better
As we all know, in the lubrication project, if the oil is insufficient, which will cause poor lubrication and mechanical accidents, many people  prefer to add more lubriction.
In fact, this view is incorrect, because if the lubricant is too much, the crankshaft will not only increase the power consumption due to the increase of the rotation resistance, but also will cause poor lubrication. Therefore, we need to lubricate each of the lubricated parts, do not excessively.

Myth 2, lubricants turn black to show that the lubricant has deteriorated
Now the lubricating oils add appropriate amounts of various additives to improve the lubricating properties. It is a normal phenomenon that the lubricating oil of an internal combustion engine containing a clean dispersant is blackened soon after use. It cannot be considered that “oil has deteriorated” and it can be easily replaced; Lubricant oil with additives tends to make the bearing surface dark during use, which is also a normal phenomenon. Therefore, when we determine whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated, we cannot make a judgment based on vision alone. We must conduct a comprehensive analysis. When conditions are met, the oil should be tested, so that we can change the lubricant according to its quality.
Myth 3, a constant change of oil per the specification
There is a maintenance instruction on the vibro pile hammer after we bought it, which describes the cycle of oil change. Many people think that changing the oil according to the instructions on time should be no problem. It is not true. when we just bought the machine, all aspects of performance are relatively good, oil change can be carried out in accordance with the law, but when the machine is used for a certain period of time, the oil lubrication should be based on its actual situation, it is not static.
Myth 4, high viscosity oil is better than the low viscosity oil
Actually, when we choose the oil, it depends on the condition of the machine itself. It does not mean that good quality is good, we need to select the oil is suitable for machine. If the viscosity grade of lube oil is too high, the pumping performance of the oil pump will be poor, the flow rate will be reduced, and its lubricity, washing ability and heat dissipation will be deteriorated. This will cause the semi-dry friction of the parts and cause burning of the tiles. 
Above is a detailed introduction to the four misunderstandings about lubricant of vibro pile hammer. If you happen to have the need to purchase vibro pile hammer, welcome to contact us at any time!



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