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The role of accumulator in hydraulic breaker

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The role of accumulator in hydraulic breaker

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      As an important part of the hydraulic breaker, the accumulator is valued by the users of breaker. A good hydraulic breaker should have a good accumulator. Then do you know the role of accumulator in hydraulic breaker?


      Accumulator is filled with nitrogen inside to create the additional impct power and release the stress for hydraulic pump. In general, the accumulator is installed when the breaker itself can't reach the striking force. Therefore, small breakers do not have accumulators, medium and large breakers are all equipped with accumulators. For AXB, BRK155 and above models all have accumulators, and for BRK140 there are two types, one is with accumulator and one is without accumulator. The breaker with accumulator, the strike strength will be slight larger. When the accumulator is installed/repaired, no gap can be found. Otherwise nitrogen will be leaked, resulting in low impact power, accumulator diaphragm damage.

      The role of accumulator is to create the additional impct power and release the stress for hydraulic pump. 

      1. Auxiliary Force

      Some components in hydraulic system are intermittent action, the working time is very short; some may be not intermittent action, but the speed varies greatly in a working cycle. After accumulator is installed in this system, a samll power breaker can be used to reduce the main power, making the whole hydraulic system in small size, light weight and low price.

      2. Emergency Power

      For some systems, when the power of breaker is cut off or failed, execute components need to complete following tasks fitfully. For example, the rod of piston must be retracted into the cylinder for safety. In such cases, an accumulator of appropriate capacity is required as an emergency power.

      3. Constant Pressure

      For execute components do not operate for a long time while maintaining constant pressure, an accumulator can be used to compensate for leakage and maintain constant pressure.

      4. Alleviate Hydraulic Shock

      Due to the sudden reversal of valve, the sudden stop of the hydraulic breaker, the oil flow in the pipeline will change dramatically to generate impact pressure. Although there is a safety valve in system, it still will produce a temporary surge of impact. This impact will cause the failure or even damage of the breaker parts, seal kits and instruments in the system, and making the system obvious vibration. If the accumulator is installed before the impact of foot valve or cylinder, the impact can be absorbed and alleviated.  

      5. Reduce Noise

      The pulsating flow of the pump will cause pressure pulsation, so that the speed of execute components is not uniform, resulting in vibration, noise, etc. A sensitive and small inertia accumulator is connected to the outlet of the pump to absrb the pulse of flow and pressure, and reduce noise.

      Therefore, when using the breaker, pay attention to whether using accumulator or not.



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